Discover the history of Le Meur watches, told by watchmaker Jean-Dominique Le Meur.

My journey

Originally from Solenzara in southern Corsica, I studied in Switzerland, at the Haute École Arc de Neuchâtel, the Conservation-Restoration of scientific, technical and watchmaking heritage assets. After obtaining my diploma, I decided to improve my watchmaking expertise with a demanding training in watchmaking in Besançon.

As the COVID19 pandemic raged, I began
to imagine and design my perfect watch. The challenge of making this watch a reality and making it a small production then naturally presented itself: the regatta chronograph project was born.


The birth of the first watch

The search for the different elements that make up the watch then began; case middle, bracelet, hands, movement, case, etc. But all this would only serve as a display for the main element: the dial.

My ambition then was to offer a watch entirely imagined, designed and assembled in Corsica, equipped with an exclusive dial and that at a relatively affordable price (below the 800€ mark). This personal challenge was an opportunity for me to confirm my know-how in a very demanding and technical sector, but also to demonstrate that fine watchmaking had its place on the island territory.

The continuation of a great adventure

Following the success of this first collection of regatta chronographs, I was able to start working on the launch of my own brand.

I now offer sophisticated and timeless timepieces, with the possibility of personalizing them in order to make them a unique and meaningful object.

Jean-Dominique Le Meur

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In the press

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